Self-communication: the secret of working smart!

Self-communication: the secret of working smart!

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A FREE group coaching session to re-focus your work and life!

Don’t let any challenges slow you down! Face them with ease, flow and confidence!

Does any sound familiar to you?
- Over scheduling
- Countless unkept (self-)promises
- Feeling high-pressure, stress, guilt
- Having tons of useless tricks from other people
- Being distracted and confused
- Looking for external praise, approval or confirmations
- Having ‘one’ too many projects
- Postponing your self-care time
- Ignoring your needs, and not having capacity to keep healthy diet and life style
- Feeling frustrated, angry and anxious
- Needing to self-motivate
- Questioning sense of your current job or project
- Feeling like your are not using your full potential
- Overworking and still feeling like your goals are not getting closer
- Working long hours on things that aren’t on your to-do list/agenda/schedule

Imagine if instead it could have been more like this:
- Being creative and inspiring to others
- To-do list? What is that?
- Being confident and supportive
- Feeling satisfaction and ease
- Having your OWN flow
- Being in the right place at the right time
- Having time for yourself, your needs and taking care of yourself
- Sleeping well and waking up with an excitement for what is to come
- Knowing your worth, values and direction
- Enjoying your current job and projects
- Being yourself at any moment
- Having time for your family/friends
- Having space for new ideas and projects
- Feeling empowered
All of it is possible! Yes, you can have that! More, you deserve that! All of it. And more!

Join me for this monthly FREE group coaching sessions to re-set your focus! Together we will recognize your challenges and we will create some structures to help you go through them! We will dig into what is truly important for you, and we will consciously and intentionally set you for a new month!

Everyone is invited who can relate to the above description. Everyone can join who needs support with creating his or her own structures and improving his or her self-communication. Are you ready to get rid of stress, pressure and guilt? This event is calling your name!

Experience and preparation:
- After check-out you will receive an email with link for a zoom session.
- Bring in your full and true self. Be open-minded and curious.
- Please be on time. Otherwise it won’t be possible to join in.
- You don’t need to bring anything particular. I will provide all that is needed.
- Be prepared to be playful. We will have a lot of fun!
- Workshops are fully in English.

Agenda 1.5 h session:
- Warm up exercise
- Introductions
- Venting, unwinding and sharing
- Coaching exercise
- Wrap up and commitments